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    Getting a new mouse.

    I'm thinking about getting a new mouse, since mine has a habit of freezing.

    What do you recommend?

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    Getting a new mouse.

    What for?
    I use a Logitech G602 at home and an MX Master at work and am happy with both.
    The G602 is better for gaming and has excellent battery life but the Master has Bluetooth, a side wheel and that great dual mode wheel.

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    Getting a new mouse.

    i have this EXACT setup! You, sir, have excellent taste!

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    Getting a new mouse.

    I used almost the same combination, with a MX Performance instead. Unfortunately, after many years it died with a faulty switch causing occasional double-clicks. Now I only use the G602. I assigned the two buttons next to the left mouse button to page up and down, after getting used to it I find the solution much faster and precise for ultra-fast scrolling. Oh, and I have a cheap logitech wireless mouse which uses a touch zone instead of a wheel, which is very nice. Forgot the model though.

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    Getting a new mouse.

    +1 for MX Master. Great for productivity and stuff like video editing.
    The G602 is a great wireless gaming mouse too that rivals wired mice in terms of latency. Linus Tech Tips did some in depth videos about it compared to other gaming mice, and it looks like a great option.

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