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    Soundcloud Royalty Free?

    I'm looking for an awesome intro/outro song to use for my YouTube channel; are unreleased tracks (uploaded by artists) on SoundCloud that are available to download for free royalty free?

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    Soundcloud Royalty Free?

    No, but they are more likely to let you use them free, if you ask and provide credit in your intro credits/graphics.

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    Soundcloud Royalty Free?

    Just find an artist on there you like and contact them directly to ask. You’re welcome to give mine a listen, although I doubt any of them are suitable.

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    Soundcloud Royalty Free?

    Nope, but message the artist. If they’re small, they’d probably love exposure, even if you don’t get a lot of YouTube hits.

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    Soundcloud Royalty Free?

    There are some Soundcloud users that use Creative Commons for their tracks instead (I do, for instance); those you can usually use royalty-free (but the terms may vary person-to-person). Otherwise, contact the users themselves.

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