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    HTML & CSS Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have input on the questions already in the FAQ or want to suggest a new question for someone to write an answer to, please post here.

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    HTML & CSS Frequently Asked Questions

    • moz:
      Mozilla. This in general covers both Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox, and often also includes other Mozilla based browsers such as K-Melon, Galeon, Camino. <>, Any platform.
    • ien:
      Microsoft Internet Explorer in general. n stands for version number.
    • ienw:
      Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows. <>, Windows

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    HTML & CSS Frequently Asked Questions

    • KDE Konqueror. <>, X11
    • opn:
      Opera. Normally we're talking about version 7 on Windows and Linux, but we may be talking about version 6 for the Mac. <>, Windows, Linux, (Mac).
    • nsn:
      Netscape6, Netscape7. Netscape browser based on Mozilla.
    • nnn:
      Netscape Navigator. Netscape browsers up to version 4.x.
    • ncn:
      Netscape Communicator. Same as nn4.x.

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    Nearly every tag has a meaning. <h1> means the main title of a page, <em> means emphasised text. Correct application of these meanings is extremely advisable practice in today's Web. Why? That's a little more complicated. XML (which XHTML is based on), SGML (which HTML is based on) and therefore their derivatives are all markup languages. This is a special way of describing data &mdash; with tags.

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