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    Best website review tool?

    I am trying to audit my website and wanted to know the top and most accurate free tool that can tell me what are the things that I need to update on my website?

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    Best website review tool?

    Start with the HTML validator by the W3C and then have a look at the list of accessibility evaluation tools.

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    Best website review tool?

    The tools listed on the W3C "Evaluation tools list" always makes me laugh, since half of them fail WCAG compliance... and the other half throw false flags and crap that is just trying to shove HTML 5's stupidity down our gullets whether UA's support them or not.

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    Best website review tool?

    -- edit -- wow, it's filled up with phishing scams since I looked at it last too! Nothing like the W3C not even policing their own content, making that whole section live up to the disclaimer:

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    Best website review tool?

    Information on this page is provided by vendors and others. W3C does not endorse specific products.

    Here's a tip, no legitimate tool should be asking you for your name and e-mail address.

    ... and people wonder why I think we need a consensus vote of "no confidence" in the W3C at this point.

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