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    Smartwatch Apps: How useful?

    So, Twitter has apparently pulled their app and it's gone from my Apple Watch. This has me wondering:
    How useful are most third party apps to you on your smartwatch?

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    Smartwatch Apps: How useful?

    Personally, outside of Twitter, I have no other 3rd party app. The first party apps for fitness are more than enough to cover my needs.
    What about you all though. Do you think most people with smartwatch are simply happy with the ones that come installed?

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    Smartwatch Apps: How useful?

    I only use Shazam for on the go music spotting and WeChat to chat with the occasional Chinese clients while I’m on the go.
    The rest are mostly Apple Apps which are designed and work flawlessly for everything else.

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    Smartwatch Apps: How useful?

    Shazam would be nice to have on a smartwatch. Seems it would be super convenient.

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