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    The Intel Compute Stick, Now With Core M inside

    Pricing depends on the stick you buy and whether it includes an OS, and we don't have an MSRP for everything yet. The old Compute Stick had a Windows version and a separate Ubuntu version with less storage and RAM. The new ones either come with Windows 10 or no operating system at all, and the specs are the same either way—users can install their preferred Linux distribution on their own. The Atom version has an MSRP of $159 with an OS, but we don't know how much the OS-free version will cost. The Core m3 version will cost about $400 with Windows and "closer to $300" with no OS. The m5 version costs $499 and is only being offered with no operating system, the assumption being that it will be of the most interest to enterprises who will be loading their own OSes anyway.

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    The Intel Compute Stick, Now With Core M inside

    At that price who is this appealing to? The kind of use cases where this gets strapped to the back of a large TV are perfectly fine with the Atom version. And for desk use, at $500 + OS License you can get a decent laptop.

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    The Intel Compute Stick, Now With Core M inside

    This could potentially run a display array, not just a single large TV. I own/run a small store and I’m interested, though undecided. We currently use an Android-based stick for our displays but it’s difficult to even get it to do two things at once (like play music while showing a different video), and it stutters when it does it. I’ve wanted to have several displays going at once but there’s no way that thing would manage that, and I don’t want another desktop or laptop stashed somewhere.

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    The Intel Compute Stick, Now With Core M inside

    Kinda interesting how the entry Surface Pro 4 and (somewhat) Macbook are running what it’s basically in the 2nd and 1st sticks.

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    Yep, probably the cheapest ready to go machine in years that can be Hackintoshed. $200-$300 Atom nettops were Hackintosh-able back on Leopard, but since then it’s been i3 and above, which limits you to at least a $500 computer unless you build it yourself.

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