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    Celeste Wow Just Wow

    I got the game Celeste today because I am a big fan of towerfall and the maker of towerfall made that Celeste. The mechanics in the game are so fun because you are jumping, dashing, and climbing. There are extremely challenging rooms that make you really think how you are going to get the strawberries that you collect. There are times in some rooms where I have died over 30 times trying to get everything just perfect but I keep on playing. The sound track is amazing. Looks like the switch has another hit. IGN even gave it a 10 outta 10.

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    Celeste Wow Just Wow

    I’ve heard nothing but praise about this game, which is crazy because I hadn’t even heard of it before it came out

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    Celeste Wow Just Wow

    Same here. Looking forward to checking it on the Switch. Love the accessibility factor in which you can change difficulty/skip levels/invincibility and such.

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    Celeste Wow Just Wow

    It’s a rewarding game, lots of hard puzzles. It is very hard but you feel lik eyou messed up not the game. So it feels doable. I spend 2 hours to get out of this one room lol. Finally beat that room today.

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