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    Switch Pro controller.

    Can we take a second the appreciate how good the switch pro controller is. I feel that Nintendo really hit this thing outta the park. It feels amazing in your hand. Curves so nicely and fits comfortably. The buttons are huge and have the right amount of give. The joy sticks glide. HD rumble is as good as ever and motion controls are great. I think Nintendo just developed my favorite controller. It kinda reminds me of an XBox controller but feels nicer. I believe the pro controller is worth the price. It also looks beautiful. I love how the middle of the controller is see through.

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    Switch Pro controller.

    I agree the ergonomics are great and I like how good the sticks are at catching my fingers. They never slip and they just feel great. It’s the best controller I have used so far.
    I wish it could turn on my switch remotely though.

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    Switch Pro controller.

    It can, all you have to do is press the home button on the controller.

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    Switch Pro controller.

    Thank you but it doesn’t always work for me for some reason. Sometimes it just goes into sync mode.
    But it’s not a big deal.

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    Switch Pro controller.

    I’ve found it only works if the Pro was the last controller you used on the Switch. I pretty much just leave my switch in the dock.

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