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    AMD and Qualcomm?

    I want to throw this out there on news of Qualcomm making modems for AMD. What if AMD and Qualcomm merged? Would such a tie up create more competition for Intel and Nvidia? Would AMD improve in any way, especially on the x86 side? What do you all think?

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    AMD and Qualcomm?

    It would be interesting if that were to happen but I don’t think so.

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    AMD and Qualcomm?

    Qualcomm’s big business is more on its communication technology. The snapdragon processors are just a way to get it out there. AMD relies almost exclusively on its semiconductor sales. Qualcomm’s market cap is also 10 times the size of AMD. The question is what does Qualcomm stand to gain with an AMD merger? Qualcomm is running pretty much competition free in the mobile space at the high end. Samsung and Huawei don’t sell a majority of the high end mobile processors.

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    AMD and Qualcomm?

    Until AMD proves it can sell in the desktop and laptop market (making competitive products isn’t the same as selling them) there is really no reason for either of them to merge.
    The funny thing of their small partnership is ATI use to make Adreno processors before they sold it to Qualcomm.

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    AMD and Qualcomm?

    There are several benefits to each of the company that it would be hard to list all. But i can say that AMD can help form a mobile chip which can compete with intel on mobile . that way amd can focus sole on desktop and workstations and qualcomm can capture mobile. there are possibilities of hybrid chips or even those that can create new segment of devices that can give the switch a run for its money.

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