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    How Social Media Is Changing

    Imagine a world where you go out to dinner and you don’t post your meal to Instagram. Or when you go to a wedding, and you don’t add the ceremony to your Snapchat story. Or when some influential movie star dies and you don’t post a photo and sad comment to Facebook, like you were his biggest fan. Can you imagine it?

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    How Social Media Is Changing

    For some reason, that’s really hard for some people to imagine, yet that’s the way the world was only a decade ago. The iPhone wasn’t out, Facebook was still a Harvard-only service, and if your cat did something super cute, the rest of world would never know. Needless to say, it was a simpler time.

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    How Social Media Is Changing

    The basic premise of social media is to keep you connected with your friends and family. That’s still true today, but it’s taken a back seat to other key points like entertainment and news.Let’s take my Facebook feed for an example. Currently, it’s filled with cat videos (I don’t even like cats, I swear), politics, sports, news and friends. The sad part is, it’s all in that order.

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    How Social Media Is Changing

    Social media sites are now basically expected to give you everything from your friends to your favorite stars to news outlets. Which is fine, if it’s done correctly. But, I like to keep my friends and family feed different from my news feed.

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