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    Apple News: Bad news

    Can anything be done to improve Apple's annoying News app? I'm a news junkie; but having to put up with puerile sensationalism from The Sun (this is in the UK) had me pursuing the "Mute channel" option. The Sun disappeared, sure enough, only to have its place taken by equally unwanted content from other sources previously unknown to me. The app has been removed and its place taken by Flipboard - a shame, because I thought it had potential. I know it's free, and I shouldn't grump, but an element of choice seems absent.

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    Apple News: Bad news

    Some of the sources are really terrible. I don’t mind having some recommendations, but I really wish there was a place that just showed the articles of the sources I’ve subscribed to. Wasn’t it that way in the beginning?

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    Apple News: Bad news

    I marked that I didn’t like a bunch of stories from the Washington Times and News finally stopped serving them.

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    Apple News: Bad news

    Tech news is a pain to read because the top sources are pretty good, but then the rest of the section is filled out with strange click bait blogs and scam rumor sites.

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    Apple News: Bad news

    I hadn’t spotted that mute option – Thanks! Got rid of the Sun and the Mirror. Will see what puerile tripe I get instead.

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