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    Copying multiple items

    Hello all,

    I am currently working on a project and would like to know the best way to copy multiple items at a time that can then be pasted in a practical and convenient manner. I know there are various clipboard adaptations that can be used, but I was wondering if any of these are actually any good?

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    Copying multiple items

    What items are You talking about?

    I was searching and this program may be handy:

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    Copying multiple items

    you're looking for something like this maybe?

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    Copying multiple items

    you didn't mention what to copy and in which platform. Normally you can use cntrl+A then cntrl+c to copy and cntrl+v to paste

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    Copying multiple items

    or else you can select multiple items by pressing and holding cntrl key and selecting how much ever you want and then copying it.

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