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    Which camera should I buy?

    So I am planning on buying a camera soon but I am not 100% sure what to buy. I am not a professional photographer but I have used a couple of different cameras and I have to say I am committed to getting a Canon.

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    Which camera should I buy?

    I would like to use it to take photos but I suppose my main use will be video since I want to use it for vlogging. So, I was thinking about getting the Canon 70D since it has like face tracking or whatever you call it. I was also looking at the 80D but it is a bit more expensive. So I was wondering how much better it is than the 70D?

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    Which camera should I buy?

    Also, do you guys have any advice on which camera will work best? I know I can probably get a cheaper camera that will do the job, but I don't want to get something too simple.

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    Which camera should I buy?

    Budget is important. Lens choice is important. How you shoot video is important. Stretch that budget and get a GH5. Maybe A6300 or 6500?
    What is the budget?

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    Which camera should I buy?

    If you can’t afford much, the Panasonic G85 with the included weather-sealed 12-60mm kit lens is a screaming deal at $999.
    Very good 4K video, good AF (though for continous AF in video, not as good as the 80D which is the gold standard), but importantly it has excellent 5-axis in-body image stabilization that makes for very stable video. Also has mic-input and HDMI-out, and a fully-articulated touchscreen which is of course very useful for video as well.

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