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    SSD recommendations?

    It's been a while since I bought one and I went with the Samsung 840(?)
    Is Samsung still the favorite? Or have other brands caught up? Do I need to worry about controllers and TLC/MLC on the newer drives?

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    SSD recommendations?

    No complaints with the 850 Evo here.
    If you want to spend a bit less then I’d look at other options before going back to the 750 Evo though

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    SSD recommendations?

    I’ve always bought Crucial drives when upgrading others people’s machines (including my wife’s 2010 MacBook). They generally aren’t the fastest but they have been 100% reliable and the support from Crucial is second to none.
    Having said that I bought two 1TB 850 Evos to upgrade my external media drive ( it had spinning discs ) and, after a bit of farting about getting set up it is blindingly fast.

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    SSD recommendations?

    If you are using it in a Windows PC the Magician Software apparently makes a huge difference in games if you have a lot of memory but can give problems with video and audio editing and doesn’t work in Macs.

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    SSD recommendations?

    Crucial’s a rebrand of Micron that is one of the major NAND manufacturers (besides Samsung), and has among the most reliable. Their controllers aren’t as advanced as Samsung, but their costs are way lower, and you get reliability that often exceeds Samsung.
    Consider Crucial.

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