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    Monitoring software

    There are a lot of stuff for productivity, like Evernote or any other.
    But they won't help to measure how much time I spend in particular applications or use documents on my pc.
    I've tried a couple of times computer monitoring software, but didn't find them really useful.

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    Monitoring software

    Thanks everyone for sharing experience!
    I've tried several solutions (took 3 trials Worktime, Aktivtrak, Spytech) and made my decision! Thank for advice!

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    Monitoring software

    You probably want something like Project Hamster – but I don’t know of any equivalent software in Windows.

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    Monitoring software

    Check out "RescueTime" software for tracking your desktop activities.
    IT consultant,

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    Monitoring software

    What you want to do? To bettere manage your time?

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