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    (cool story bro) I like Bing

    I was nervous, finding information is often important to my work; and after more than 10 years I had come to trust the relationship between my search methodology and Google's responses. I had also read so much bad stuff about Bing, starting with its silly name through to only being useful in the USA.

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    (cool story bro) I like Bing

    First I test switched to Bing on my work desktop. It felt quicker there to be able to repeat the search in Google if I didn't trust the result. Initially I did not like the web results or the news search but what did win me over was image search on Bing.

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    (cool story bro) I like Bing

    So after image search next I started appreciating the video search interface and then switched my laptop to Bing. It was a gradual mental process and perhaps my methodology shifted but I came to observe that web results did return what I was looking for even if it was not exactly the same sites or order of sites.

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    (cool story bro) I like Bing

    Letting go of comparing the order of results was the turning point. It may seem obvious but the actual goal here is finding information, not that a results window looks the same. How often is that your real comparison?

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    (cool story bro) I like Bing

    There are rare occasions where I seek a second search opinion when I don't find what I am looking for. I still use Google Maps when I am measuring a distance between two places - once or twice a year.
    I do view content on YouTube and breaking that I think at this time is a near impossible task. If the content is there and nowhere else....
    Of course if I am placing something on the web and want it found I make sure it is known to Google.
    Also ironically perhaps, at work on Windows I use Chrome, Firefox is too slow. I also do use Chrome on my Mac if I am uploading to YouTube as it has a resume feature not available on Safari.

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