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    Own video theme for my Website

    I just created account here just to get help. So i have this website where I want to create like my own video outlay/or theme. I don't know what it's called which made it harder to find an answer on the internet. I've created the theme of it already. I will show you what it looks like also.

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    Own video theme for my Website

    I need help on what is the proper name to call that so I can search the internet and i need some people to answer my question on here. Also it needs to be a .SWF file type. So i need help making it on the flash and how to use flash. I am a noob at the flash thing so don't judge.

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    Own video theme for my Website

    Checking in, again. That i still need help.

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    Own video theme for my Website

    I really need to make my own design for my website under 2 months. I setted the release date of my page now. Why won't anyone help? Some other questions has 0 replies also. I i new those things i would help them. I go try right now.

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    Own video theme for my Website

    I've been waiting a long time. I need to know by next year or sooner, NOW!!!

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