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Thread: Corsair one pro

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    Corsair one pro

    hello i have corsair one pro w/ gtx 1080, 480 ssd, i7 and 2tb harddrive. Im trying to sell it for 2k or trade is with a 2016/17 macbook pro. Anyone interested?

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    Corsair one pro

    How to get people to buy stuff from you in 3 simple steps
    1. Use proper grammar or you’ll look like a moron (No offense, I speak the truth)

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    Corsair one pro

    2. Be more specific, what version of the GTX1080? What kind of i7? What’s the RPM of that hard drive? What are the details on that SSD? See what I mean?

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    Corsair one pro

    3. Drag it out a bit more, nobody’s gonna take you seriously with just a few words, include contact information and whatnot.

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    Corsair one pro

    He capitalized the A in Anyone. That’s gotta count for something.. no?

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