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    Europe - where to buy electronics?

    This week, my LG G Watch went from one and a half days of battery life to 6 hours. I bought it at the Play Store, so I went on the website and after some looking around, I found the right contact form, which lets you request getting called by a Google tech. 10 seconds later I'm on the phone with 'Mary', who ... walks me through the batter life trouble shooting guide that I read online before I contacted. It's a pretty bad guide - it tells you to turn off Bluetooth to save battery on your Bluetooth connected Smartwatch. The call ends with her sending me an email with some more tips I could walk through, and if that doesn't help, an invitation to response and get the device replaced.

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    Europe - where to buy electronics?

    When I sent back my Nexus 9 (mainly because the bad reviews made me anxious), the process was quite similar - online form, phone call, mail to actually send it back. I actually sent back an iPad Air 2 in the same week - which was just a single click (I prerecord the 9, got nervous because of the reviews, ordered the iPad to compare, decided to keep the iPad, after the somewhat complex process of sending back the 9, I wanted to compare the process to send back the iPad - and it was literally so easy that I accidentally sent the iPad back, too. Saved me 500 bucks, now I'm waiting for the Jolla tablet I crowdfunded^^).

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    Europe - where to buy electronics?

    Another time, I went to the Apple Store in Munich with my girlfriend, because her iPhone 5 had the faulty power-button, which was eligible for a free repair. Naively we just stumbled into the store - just to be told about who to make an appointment for the genius bar online. Next free slot was about a week later. Instead, she took it back to the authorized where she bought it, three weeks later it came back (not repaired, but replaced) - ever since then there is a nasty noise whenever we videocall. I'm anxious of telling her to get it fixed - she already was pissed about the three weeks wait for the power-button repair I made her do.

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    Europe - where to buy electronics?

    I have a Samsung ARM Chromebook with cellular, bought from Amazon. There was supposed to be a SIM card in the box, with a month of free data from some small carrier - but it wasn't there. Samsung, Amazon and the carrier all told me to talk the other party involved, claiming it wasn't their responsibility. Some weeks later, when I got a different SIM card to try the cellular, I found it to not be working. Interestingly it worked when I booted into Chrubuntu (Ubuntu Linux Image for Chromebooks) without any problems or even configuration. My complaints about that to Samsung and Google got ignored. Due to my own fault I also couldn't send the thing back (I already opened it up and hardwired a microSD card into the SD card slot - so I could boot into Chrubuntu permanently and not have the SD card stick out). Sending stuff back to Amazon is super easy and nice - but I have no idea who they handle if stuff breaks. The one time I tried to solve a technical problem, the refereed me to the manufacturer.

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    Europe - where to buy electronics?

    So, I had encounters with a couple of 'stores' and the results are pretty mixed. Apple usually is praised for customer support, but two of my three run ins were not so great. Amazon does great on returns, but I don't know what happens if stuff breaks. Google seems to not care at all.

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