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    Ethical Gray Areas

    I bought the latest Harry Potter movie on Blu-ray to watch on vacation, but I left the disc at home. I really want to watch it and my kids are going nuts with nothing else to do at night, so I download a pirated version of the disc from BitTorrent.

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    Ethical Gray Areas

    So, would this be legal since you have already purchased the content and are simply downloading a copy, or is it illegal since you are downloading stolen intellectual property.

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    Ethical Gray Areas

    Also, is it more important to you to stay on the legal straight and narrow or do quasi-illegal things which your conscience tells you is morally OK? How many of you do pirate content? And how many of you discourage friends from piracy?

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    Ethical Gray Areas

    You could make a claim that it comes under fair use, certainly it’s not ethically piracy. The person sharing the file may be breaking copyright laws, but you probably were not. In fact it could come down to the exact source of the rip.

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    Ethical Gray Areas

    As for the broader question, I personally try to avoid pirating. I own over a terabyte of legal video from iTunes, along with boxes of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. I will share music with friends, and sometimes copy music from friends to try, but if I end up listening to something significantly – I’ll buy it. Often I’ll even buy music from artists who are willing to give it me for free. For indy musicians I will try to buy the music via whatever service will ensure maximum returns to the artist. On the other hand I have no problem ripping a DVD I own so I can put it on an iPad, or cracking a game I own if a no-CD version runs more smoothly.

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