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    review of my website

    I would appreciate reviewing my site

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    review of my website

    The first thing that grabbed my attention was "what site?" -- then I realized it is built with the scam that is Wix, meaning that when JavaScript is blocked or disabled there is NO website. They don't even have the common decency to provide a <noscript> warning about that so ALL you get is a giant blank white page of nothing. That's a major accessibility failure; not something a medical related website should have given that in SOME countries -- including the US -- you could end up sued or prosecuted for that. Part of why I call site builders like Wix a scam, and do not recommend their use!

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    review of my website

    When I am able to view the page, the next thing to grab my attention is a SECOND "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines" violation, the illegible white on orange, white on green, and green on white. The contrasts there are far, FAR below accessibility minimums and would be illegible for around half the population and invisible to around a quarter. Basically you've made a colour blind eye-test out of the navigation.

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    review of my website

    Given the non-Latin-1 characters regardless of size, I would suggest that you aim for "WCAG 2.0 AAA" minimums. Running your colours past this tool:

    Can help you make sure you aren't telling users with vision problems to suck it.

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    review of my website

    The scripted pop-in on the righthand side is more annoyance than help, as is the pointless scaling of the layout and fonts by the scripting... so not only is there no site scripting off, JavaScript is used to do CSS' job.

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