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    MRB Files

    Hi, Does anyone out there know of a program that can be used to open MRB graphic files? I have a set of old clip-art & photo files that came with the old Sierra Print Artist 8. I am unable to use this program, but wish to retain some use from the graphics discs. The version of Print Artist that I am now using does not recognise this file extension.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance

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    MRB is really outdated... the conversion programs I found were all malware.

    You might have to cut your losses and move forward.....

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    You may find some information at these links.

    But beware, if you choose to download the file viewer, be sure to opt out of any add on's and toolbars first.

    WOT says the links are safe, but I have never tried them.

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    Thanks to both TsVk and Gb2064 for your replies. I knew that hese were old files, but just thought that there may have been a safe way to revive them for the 21st century. I guess not so now we have some new drinks mats.

    Regards :smash:

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