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    Help with Windows Movie Maker


    I'm using Windows Movie Maker and it was all working fine, but suddenly it has decided that instead of splitting the video when I click split it is just going to delete it all. What has gone wrong and how do I solve it???

    Don't want to have to be downloading some other software and starting again. I tried closing it and reopening it but that didn't work. I have not saved it since it started doing this.

    Anyone got any advice?


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    Can you tell us what operating system you are using?

    That may help in finding a solution to your problem.

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    I'm using Windows 7.

    I totally forgot about this topic...haven't received any emails telling me I've had replies for any of my threads I haven't used movie maker so much lately but last I used it it was still happening.

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    Windows Movie Maker is not native to Windows 7, only Windows "Live" Movie Maker comes with Windows7.

    If you are trying to run Windows Movie Maker in Windows7, that may be causing your problem.

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