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    What Adobe Photoshop Programs work similar to their CS line products?

    A couple years ago, I downloaded a free trial copy of Adobe's Photoshop CS5 and created some real nice Ale, IPA, Stout labels for personal home brewing bottles to give out to friends and family. I created enough labels to last more than I will ever need. I just recently downloaded and am playing with the 30 day trial version of CS6. Wow!, That is a really nice program. I was considering purchasing it when I discovered that these programs are several hundreds of dollars. I am not that fanatical about photoshopping at a commercial and/or professional level by any means. But, I would like to do some tinkering with layering and modifying images.

    So, my inquiry is this. What other Adobe Photoshop program would any of you folks recommend in the $100 range? I just need a nice program so that I can still view my .psd files (current backed up labels), and if I get an urge to create more labels, or to simply to enhance and/or modify images for fun.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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    I have Photoshop CS2,and also Paint Shop Pro X4 ultimate,These programs are very similar in operation.

    I actually prefer Paint Shop Pro, and it is available on sale now at this link.

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    How much does the Photoshop CS2 costs? And, will it be able to view the saved .PSD files that I created while using the free version of Photoshop CS5 from a couple years ago?

    Will Paintshop Pro X5 Ultimate allow me to view my .PSD files and/or edit them if needed? The price on that program seems to be very reasonable - $59.99.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Photoshop Elements.

    It appears that it can open PSD files including layers as long they are just "plain old" layers:

    You can get Photoshop Elements for less than $100.

    You can also try Gimp (free). It appears that there is a plug-in that provides some limited functionality with PSD files. Since it is free, you can try it and see if it will do what you need. Just make sure you "muck around" with a copy of one of your PSD files when you try (i.e. make a backup of the files before messing with them).

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