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    online photo editors and the resizing blues

    I use a lot of online photo editors and picture caption editors and different effects for photos online that you just download the final result as a jpg...

    my question is, why do A LOT of these photo editors scale down the image quite a bit????

    an image may be 30in x 20in from a digital camera and the website may have a 6MB max file size limit but when you download the image, it may be 10in x 7in and only 170kb in size when it was >2MB originally...

    why do A LOT of sites do this???

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    Here's my answer since you demand answers of those who see this topic.

    I DON"T KNOW EITHER!!!! Seriously I don't know.

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    Like Animal, I dont know either, but if you want to avoid that problem, you could simply download this free photo editing software and avoid the online problems.

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    Because bandwidth costs money would be my guess. You upload a nice large 6mb file and they reformat it and you download it thats 12mb of bandwidth, factor in a thousand visits a day ( a small-ish site) each only editing the 1 image and you're looking at 12 gigs a day 360gb of traffic a month. and thats only 1 image. Double the visitors and each doing 3 images and your into couple of terabytes of data. and still its only a low traffic site. ramp that up to a large site and it gets off the scale in terms of data traffic.

    So it makes sense for them to reduce the file size down as much as possible, the vast majority of their users are editing the images for screen display and dont really need high DPI images. Another reason will be processor load, the larger images take more time to process and reducing their size takes the strain off the server.

    or at least thats my guess.

    If you really want to keep the file size do like someone else suggested, grab a copy of gimp it's free, or lightroom its not to expensive and use the offline solution. For an online solution try flickr, it doesnt reduce the size of the image as far as I remember and now with the free terabyte of storage is quite an attractive offering.

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    That was funny and useful. Thank you 'cause in answering Pokémon dude you taught me something new.

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