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    Logo contest, $150 to the winner

    I'm bringing back my website from many years of being off of the net and I need a new logo for the website. I have started a contest with $150 going to whom evers logo I decide to use.

    Here is the link with all of the details.

    Xbox Lowdown | Logo Design Contest!

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    Logo contest, $150 to the winner

    Oh dear, time to put on your seatbelt as it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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    Logo contest, $150 to the winner


    SO fed up of peoples attitude to designers. I could never go into a shop and ask if I could take out a few items, muse over them for a while and them bring them back with payment for the one I prefer!

    "I'm going to pay for the one I decide to use" who pays the ones who have spent time designing for you, who you choose not to use?

    I guess some idiot will have a go anyway.

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    Logo contest, $150 to the winner

    No one is forcing you to do anything, and I'm not expecting you to waist hours and hours of your time when you may have another paying design job.
    If anyone has any spare time and is willing to whip something up to submit thats all I'm expecting.

    If this is not your thing, than just skip over it, no need to be so negative and show how you feel above everyone else.

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    Logo contest, $150 to the winner

    Guys, can we please stop jumping on the backs of anyone who posts a competition on this board? The board is here for competitions and Mike has followed the rules that Boss Hog set out Please Read Before Posting a Competition, VERY IMPORTANT T&C's!!. If it's not your thing then fine but we need to keep the forum friendly and open to ideas. Mike is right, no one is forced to enter and there is actually a prize rather than 'exposure' or 'work in the future' and it might be good practice for an undergraduate or new designer.

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    Thanks to everyone who has checked out the contest and everyone that has already submitted a design.

    This is just an update to let every know that the deadline to submit a design is Noon Eastern time tomorrow. All submitted designes have been posted on the contest page if you want to check out what has been submitted so far.

    P.S. Paul Murray, you are right about the snob-filled forums (estetica-design-forum)...

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    Logo contest, $150 to the winner

    Originally Posted by James Barnes 77
    Way to protect our industry

    Whilst I agree to some extent that we shouldn't be allowing such contests on the boards (I recently discussed the matter with the other mods/Boss), the original poster has followed the rules and is at least offering a prize. That prize may not be on par with the average fee associated with a professional level of design, but as such they are unlikely to receive a professional level of design, which they may not want, require, or be able to afford.

    Like it or not, crowdsourcing and 'design contests' aren't going to die down in popularity anytime soon, and us removing links and banning people who post such contests will only result in a snobby, elitist membership, which I, and I'm sure the others, would hate to see. There are far too many snob-filled design forums already, we should strive to keep the community friendly and remain open and approachable to everyone.

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