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    any pc games for medium pc ??

    i have a medium end pc

    that mean i cant run any game on high settings

    i want any fps or tps games that can work with me on at least medium settings

    any suggestion are appreciated

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    any pc games for medium pc ??

    Please post your specs. that way we can make better suggestions. Unreal Tournament is old but I'll bet would run. Maybe Doom or older Call of Duty's. Here is an article on some older games that may or may not run on your machine. Some classic titles there.

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    any pc games for medium pc ??

    amd 6450 1g ddr3
    amd athlon x2

    4 g ram

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    any pc games for medium pc ??

    I would recommend any source, doom series and dead space. For Bioshock, you might will be only able to play well by lowest setting.

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    any pc games for medium pc ??

    Are you a space sim fan by any chance? Try Oolite or Pioneer. Both are free of course

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