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    Streaming music. What are you using?

    So I thought it would be interesting to start a poll to see Apple Music's impact (on this community at least), as it's coming up to six months now since its launch. Or more generally, just to get a view of the landscape.
    The thing that sparked me to do this is that as of a few hours ago, I'm back on Spotify. I was subscribed to Spotify Premium before Apple Music launched. Then I used Apple's 3-month trial and for the last couple of months I've had nothing (except YouTube and my old mp3 collection on Google Music). I just couldn't decide between the two as they both have pros/cons..
    As of today though, Spotify have won me back with a delightfully (sly) targeted Facebook ad, offering 3 months of Spotify Premium for €10 if I returned. Spotify you diabolical..

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    I’ve used a lot of streaming services but Spotify is my service of choice due to discover weekly, best in class social features and Chromecast support. I used Apple Music for a while and it was fine. I didn’t experience any glaring bugs like a lot of other people did, but iOS integration (most notable example being Siri integration) just wasn’t enough to keep me with it and I didn’t really see anything other than that which was notably better than Spotify. I also kind of grew up in a post radio world to a large degree (I couldn’t name or tune in to any particular station to save my life), with iPods and MP3 players being the norm for music listening needs, so Beats Radio doesn’t really appeal to me.

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    I honestly don’t understand the point of buying a streaming service. I do not listen to more than 120 new songs every year, equivalent to $10 a month, so why pay for that service?
    I can still upload my music for free to Google Music or Groove and stream my music for free through them. I don’t understand why more people don’t do this.

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    1. I get that, but there’s probably a lot of people paying for this service that don’t listen to that many new songs every year.
    2. I would agree, haven’t found any discovery tools that really work for my tastes yet. I’m sure I’m not alone.
    3. I shouldn’t have kept a US focused mindset, but that’s where I was coming from. There’s also the student rates which cut it to $60 a year in the US

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    I don’t listen to 120 new songs a year, i listen to a bunch of music from the last 25 years that I just don’t have a copy and rather not figure out a way to get a copy. Plus $15/mo (Apple Music) for 4-6 people in my house being able to use it… that’s why
    (Note, not an apple fan, wife got Apple Music because her and the daughter got an iPhone – and I just use the Android app. Google Play Music does about the same thing for the same price for a family plan now).

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