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    XAMARIN is FREE for every Visual Studio user. THIS IS HUGE!!!

    Just announced on the 2nd day of Build, which stangely gets zero coverage from The Verge...

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    It’s including in the free community edition?! Whoaaaaa.

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    Day 2 and 3 of BUILD are pretty code and developer heavy.
    Nobody working on the frontlines at theVerge bother with all that stuff. Not even Tom.
    Besides, the MS articles weren’t even bringing in the clicks, anyway. They shuffled back the iPad Pro review up top, that’s at nearly 500 comments now.

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    Though this has applications for normal users as well, as hoby programers can now make multiplatform C# apps. The cost of Xamarin was high enoughz that no small developer could touch it (apart from students which had it free even before).

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    I just saw this. Excellent news! Will have to tell my friend about this too

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