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    Can you help me choose a computer please?

    Hi i'm currently looking for a new computer since mine is staring to get very slow (macbook black) i have currently used another computer a friend let me use for the time being me is a macbook pro 15 inch 2011 with AMD Radeon HD 6750M and i've been using steam and done some gaming (portal 2 dota 2 half life 2 tf2 and others) so i'm looking at the asus zenbook ux301 aka infinity and a macbook pro haswell 13 inch which is rumored to have intel 15 4258u and intel iris 5100 and the asus similar specs but i've been practicing c++ to mod games like the ones i mentioned and more and maybe game development so... which one? p.s i know some are going to say build a pc problem i travel a lot like every 1-2 months so i need a laptop.

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    i forgot to mention that i know the i7 is better then the 15 but with a mac i can use three os’s instead of only 2 (windows mac and ubunto linux)

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    It seems like you’re looking for a portable gaming rig, and since you seem to really dig Valve games I think a MacBook Pro would actually do the trick. It honestly depends on what you prefer, dude. I prefer OS X, but I know people who prefer Windows 8. The hardware of Macs are really nice, but from what I understand a lot of Windows laptops are getting better with trackpads and keyboards, which is awesome. Go visit a Best Buy and try some laptops, we have no way of knowing what you’re into.

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    since the mac is supposed to release on oct 15 and the asus might in oct 17 i will try both out the reason im between this too its that the intel iris 5100 is like a 640m and also games need less specs on a mac then pc because unix based systems need less specs if coded right this was proven by valve

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    I don’t really know about Source games (but they run really well on most hardware), but Dota 2 actually runs somewhat decently on my Macbook Air 13" with Haswell i5. It’s a far cry from my desktop’s performance, but its better than what I expected. Nowhere near as good as the performance indicated by the fanboys online that I read, but it runs at least.

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    sooo the asus zenbook infinity is 1800 euros meaning 2445 dollars for an integrated graphics card and 13 inch laptop? im going to go with macbook pro haswell until there is another that im interested in any one knows a 13 inch haswell laptop with intel iris 5100 or better?

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