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    Iris Pro 5200 or Iris 5100?

    I'm going to buy a new Macbook Pro tonight. I'm torn between the 13" and 15" models, purely because I want to be able to play some basic games on the move (Starcraft, WoW, Bioshock infinite, other steam games).
    Is there really much difference in practice between the 5200 and 5100 integrated graphics? I understand the technical differences with the 5200 essentially being the same, but including a extra 128mb of memory cache, but does this actually translate to a IRL benefit?

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    For clarification, I'm only interested in the integrated graphics for playing basic games on the move at low settings. I do not do any image/video editing or rendering on my portable devices. That's reserved for my desktop.

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    The upshot is that Crystalwell (the 128 MB L4 on-die DRAM cache) makes a huge difference, and pushes the Intel Iris Pro 5200 graphics to a similar performance level as the low-end nVidia discrete mobile graphics (e.g. 650M) on a much lower power budget.

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    Wow I didn’t realize Apple had removed the Nvidia GPU from the base 15". If I were you I’d see if I can find last year’s 15" discounted. You’ll get better graphics performance out of the 650M than Iris the 5100/5200 and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to get it for around $1700. The only thing you’ll sacrifice is battery life.

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    Video editing will be fine on the Iris 5100. Looking at the anandtech article the 5200 has more raw power in terms of Gflops compared to the 650M but it looks like it suffers especially when cranking up the graphics on games past 720p. In my experience with the last years model, the 650M will be able to play starcraft, bioshock infinite, and other steam games on medium settings with the resolution at 1440 900 or 1680 1050 pretty easily with good frame rates.

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