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    Looking for two web articles

    The first article I'm looking for is about non-hireachic filesystems, focusing on iCloud. The author talks about how humans are not capable of mastering tree structured archives. It might have made a connection between this comprehension and ability to think ahead while playing chess. In the piece, he (she?) talks about his move to iCloud, and how he structured it.

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    The second one is on the matter of organising to-do lists. I remember part of the story was to have 2 or 3 lists, one for urgent things and one for things further down the line. He (she?) then frequently moved things from the long term list to the short term one. I really wish I could tell you more, but that's about what I remember. An elegant solution on the matter of simple and effective organisation.

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    Two separate boxes yes, All websites display correctly when I’m connected directly to the Modem, so the problem is the router. But it’s a problem that often occurs when this router is connected to my exact modem model. (Netgear said)

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    Couldn’t your ISP provide you with a new router – Mine did when I had problems a while back.

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    Wow, you guys! Thanks a lot!

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