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    Unpakt: Would you use this?

    Unpakt is a comparison pricing site for consumers searching for a moving company. The site is bringing transparency to an industry that, until now, has been known for its uncertainty...How it works: Customers create an inventory of all furniture and boxes, as well as moving date and location information. Once the information is submitted, Unpakt provides a comparison of guaranteed prices from Unpakt’s pre-screened movers. From there, the customer can book the move on-the-spot or save the search and revisit the booking process at a later date...

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    Unpakt is THE next big thing in the moving industry! Consumers would be happy to know that there is a service that will take the stress out of moving. If there is any interest to do a story or a small blurb online about Unpakt, please let me know.

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    Assuming this is a good product that works, and that Unpakt can get moving companies to work with them, would anyone use this? Seems tough to make a pitch for a service most people need only a few times over a lifetime.

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    I would probably use it. It seems like a travelocity for moving. That being said, I fly much more often than I move. I think they would also have to offer incentives or discounts for using their system. I’m pretty sure I could throw together a spreadsheet in an hour after doing some quick Google searches. It is a neat idea though.

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    Unless you rent in a city. Most of my friends in NYC move once a year, when their lease is up. I’ve hired movers twice this year, moving from my old place to a sublet + a storage unit, then from both of those to my new place. This would have been nice, maybe, and taken some of the stress of calling random seeming numbers on craigslist and hoping for the best, but that strategy actually worked out both times.

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    I have only used professional movers once, for an interstate move, which is highly regulated and complicated. I wonder weather this service will carry interstate movers too because they are very difficult to price compare.

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