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    New Myspace invites are out

    My wife and I had our phone screens off and were at a friends house watching John Oliver’s show where he was discussing marijuana. 5 minutes after we finished watching the show, my wife pulled out her phone and Facebook suggested that we tag a recent photo of my infant daughter as being at a marijuana convention. My wife and I never smoke or research it or have any connection to it other than being around that episode of TV.

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    There is a way to totally delete your Facebook account, but it takes about two weeks. I deleted mine 5 years ago.
    When I told FB I wanted to delete it entirely (and not just deactivate it), I was told "sure, no problem," and that I had to send them an email requesting to have it deleted, so I did.
    Then I received an email from them saying that they received my deletion request and that had to avoid logging in or "liking" anything on FB for two weeks, otherwise it would reinstate my account and I’d have to restart the process again.

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    The only way, other than the explanation that Honda is a massive international organization that advertises its most popular product anywhere at any given time, you mean?

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    One time, I was walking outside with my girlfriend and we saw a Domino’s delivery car. I don’t really like pizza and I never seek it out, but this time I said "man, we should order Domino’s some time" or something like that. Next day, I saw a Domino’s ad in my Instagram feed.

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    A similar thing happened when a friend texted me (iMessage) to say his company gave him a Patagonia jacket. I asked my GF if Patagonia was a good brand – I didn’t know anything about the brand- and she said it was. Then I started seeing Patagonia ads in my Facebook feed.

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