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    Mossberg on streaming - what is up with streaming?

    I love how she thinks sexual attraction is "unevolved". For her sake I really hope she’s just a guest teen editor because I can’t imagine an adult woman being so juvenile about irrelevant nonsense. She sounds insufferable.

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    First of all, if your self esteem is so fragile that it can be shattered by the perfectly innocuous act of "liking" a pic on social media, disconnect from the internet and get thee to the nearest therapist’s office ASAP.

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    Secondly, if you are seriously under the impression that being in a relationship means you magically go blind whenever an attractive person of the opposite (or same, whichever is your preference) sex meets your line of vision, you clearly have no idea how attraction works and you are clearly too immature to be in a relationship. Monogamy does not mean you stop noticing other men/women and it does not mean that you will never be attracted to them. And developing such an attraction does not mean you are inclined to cheat. It just means you’re not asexual.

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    Maybe not the best answer, but I deal with it by being subtle. I generally avoid liking stuff on social media anyways, because I feel no need to share my likes and interests online.
    If I see an attractive woman, I’ll probably glance at her, but quick enough to make sure my GF doesn’t notice. If it’s online, just look, appreciate, and move on.
    Is that deceitful? Yeah, probably. But the author the article isn’t the only woman to get insecure about things like this. Better to just avoid the whole issue altogether.

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    No, it is not. It is called human nature. There is a big difference between glancing at an attractive woman (or liking her picture online) vs. actively pursuing/"stalking" another human while in a committed relationship. The moral superiority that Ashley is trying to claim here is kind of disgusting.
    I highly recommend listening to the StarTalk Radio episode titled "The Evolution of Love and Sex with Dan Savage." One of the guests, Helen Fisher (a biological anthropologist and human behaviour researcher), goes into good detail about our sexual relationships with the opposite sex (or same sex depending on your preference). Spoiler: we are not a naturally monogamous species. For Ashley to publicly call out her boyfriend for liking an Instagram picture is just insane to me, and like others have stated, distressingly insecure.

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