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    Google Analytics question

    Hell, just having the words "Emily Ratajkowski’s butt" in the title set the wrong tone. As I read on, I just got the uncomfortable feeling that Ashley Carman had invited The Verge staff to browbeat her boyfriend. I doubt that was the author’s intent, but it’s a logical takeaway from the article.

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    To be fair, Ashley posts tons of interesting content, and the last line makes me think that this was meant to be a humorous piece and the joke just fell flat. However, the article as it is feels shallow and…almost spiteful, I guess? This seems like the kind of thing that demands a heart-to-heart, not a news article

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    I’m right there with you. I found the topic itself interesting "what is a like". But the whole lead-in was weird and didn’t actually add that much beyond an inciting incident and maybe a weird reflection of Ashley’s insecurities?

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    Girls who can’t accept or live with the fact that guys are looking at other girls than their girlfriend, should get out of the "boyfriend having" business.
    You might not like it, but it’s just the way it is, and it ain’t gonna change. See kisaac94’s post above. Other women don’t stop being attractive because he only says "I love you" to one.
    Yeah, the dude might have been dumb for actually clicking "like", but if he hadn’t, did Ashley really think he didn’t like butts….or boobs….or legs….or faces….?

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