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    I wonder what corrective action she thinks would have been appropriate, especially given that he had sent this memo to a bunch of separate colleagues. The memo tries to sound even-handed, but it failed quite badly. Whatever he claims of his intent, the language is sexist and patronizing, if not misogynistic.

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    Wary of making another mistake, he now keeps a document of draft tweets that he refines before posting. His girlfriend implores him to show her these drafts, but he does not like to be told what to do and values using his 91,000 followers as a sounding board: "I try to leverage my Twitter following to hear other perspectives and correct me when I’m wrong."

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    He does not once, however, use his autism to excuse his actions. He is fiercely resistant to portraying himself as any kind of victim, and says he never informed Google of his autism diagnosis. "I’m not sure you’re expected to," he says, "or how I would even do that."

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    I don’t really find it funny, but I don’t find it offensive either.
    It would be similar to saying that the design of the Swastika is pretty cool, which is unfortunate because of what it is now associated with.
    I’ve always thought the name Judas was a great name, but I sure wouldn’t give it to one of my kids… it’s been tainted.

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    Admittedly, I’ve only worked for a few organizations…. But I’ve never seen this. I’ve had hippy bosses and religious conservatives… and they’ve all been open for frank discussion and not discriminated at all. Even my ludicrously liberal alma matter didn’t seem to cause any problems with conservative managers and employees.
    I guess I hear a lot of people intimating this so as to frame one party or the other as the oppressed minority, but I’ve not seen any statistics or even realistic anecdotes to support it.

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