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    James Demore stuff :-/

    "suggested women may be biologically inferior engineers"
    Although he did use blunt wording which did make me think that for a few minutes, that's not what i got from reading it. If read in entirety he is making the point that the field should be structured more for the female psychology to allow women to do well in the field and that it is currently made for male type competition and success.

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    Where it looks especially bad is under Personality Differences the part of Neuroticism, which looks like he he cut and paste from modern psychology. But coming from someone that is not a Dr. in the field talking to their peers it most definitely reads bad. What i get from the clinical sense of neuroticism is just a personality trait everyone has that essentially means how sensitive you are.

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    It just reads like he's a bit on the spectrum and was making an honest attempt to help his female workers lol. The irony to make an attempt to point out the "eco-chamber" that doesn't allow Google to take the right actions to help there female employees is harsh.

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    I mean, if we want to argue for arguments sake, and if we just take the title "grand wizard" out of context here, I suppose it sounds sorta cool.
    But the way he phrased the above statement! Just OMG, facepalm! This guy is a moron. I hope he finds work with Donald Trump’s PR team.

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    That’s both a sad and damning quote. He did fairly deep research on the psychology he referenced in his memo, and then claims he didn’t even Google Peter Duke’s name? (the "Annie Liebowitz of the Alt-Right" name is the second entry on a google search). He didn’t think a Goolag shirt would cause problems? If he clearly (and admittedly) doesn’t understand people, he had no reason to write that memo.

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