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Thread: Snapchat Update

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    Snapchat Update

    I finally got the update on my phone and I really don't like it. Going to give it more time to try and get used to it but just curious if I'm just being an old man yelling at a cloud?

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    Sure, the stories page of celebrities one follows has gotten worse with some mixups and whatnot, but otherwise its alright, and has a new vibe to it.

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    It sucks. And I have yet to see anyone I know like it. These social media companies say it drives traffic and shit, but all I know is, I left Facebook because it was too cluttered and I will do the same with Snapchat. My usage has already dropped since the update. Eventually I’ll just get rid of it.

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    Instagram was already stealing the show with Stories, but Snapchat just shot itself in the foot with the new update splitting up stories from "friends" and "celebrities".

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    The "Discover" page has always been a hot flaming garbage clickbait pile of crap anyway.
    It’s always stories like "Woops! See [insert Kardshian family member here]’s wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet!" or "[Insert name of hot popstar here] wore a bikini to the beach this weekend!" With clickbait images of said celebrity half naked and whatnot.

    It’s not related to my interests at all and there’s not really a curation option for it (that I know about at least) so I never go there in the first place.

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    I like the point he makes about adjusting the work environment to enable women to achieve better results.
    For example, if there actually is solid science showing women achieve more when given the option to work in a group environment, then everyone should be given the option to work in a group environment whenever possible.
    It seems logical to me to fix what was originally built as a male-centric work environment to be more accommodating.
    He made a lot of other points I don’t agree with though.

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