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    Now I'll list some other advantages that can give PC the edge over the X... Multitasking, Discord, better web browsing, ability to easily record and upload game footage, more power (After an upgrade, at least), mods, and many many more.

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    So I'm sure you've already predicted what my conclusion is... Even with the added power of the X, all the other factors seem to show PC is the superior platform. In the end, it all comes down to opinion, but it's good to understand that in most cases PC will give you the better experience.

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    Video games consumption (survey)

    There’ll be a lot of compromises to visual fidelity if they’re aiming for 4K 60 on the One X. Even the 1080 Ti can’t reliably deliver 4K at high settings.
    I could certainly see the appeal if it allows for 1080p 60 at better settings like the PS4 Pro. It’d be similar to a modest gaming PC with a GTX 1060 or RX 480.

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    If you want more of a living room experience with your PC, things like Steam big picture mode may be a great option, but I see what you mean by not really wanting guests messing around with your computer.

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    I’ve played with big picture, and even Steam Link.
    I think the latter really helps bring about the console experience by limiting interaction to the Steam library, though I can only recommend using it over LAN, as it gets choppy over WiFi.
    I suppose you can use FRTC or the equivalent technology to make the most of the fact that you’ll only get up to 60FPS playback over Steam Link as wel

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    These 4 years later other stuff is still working, kind of, and you decide to just slap in a new GPU, going with 1070 to really match the new console, which would cost you about 350 after selling 7850. In total about 850 without Windows, 950 with Windows, for something that was comparable to the PS4 at launch and will be comparable to the X1X when it gets released. Those 2 consoles have a total price of 900, ignoring possibility to sell PS4 as you would likely keep it to play exclusives.

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