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    Xbox One X: Can it compete with PC?

    Lately I've been very intrigued by Microsoft's Xbox One X. It's been claimed by developers that it can run games like Forza 7 at ultra settings 4K at 60FPS (Which I'm skeptical about, especially since apparently you'd need a 1080 which costs $500 alone, I can't help but doubt this is possible even with great optimization, but for this post we'll give them the benefit of the doubt, if we didn't then the answer to the question of "Can the X compete with PC?" would probably be a no). So, let's take a look at this hardware, compare the pros and cons, and see how it holds up against the PC.

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    Firstly, let's look at the most obvious factor: Performance. Now, the argument goes the Xbox One X will (Supposedly) have better performance than a PC with a similar price tag. And assuming Microsoft's and Developer's claims are true, this statement holds up in certain games like Forza Motorsport 7, but in other games it seems the performance would be similar to a PC priced the same. But when looking at pricing, there is always other factors to consider. Firstly, this is assuming the PC is constructed from scratch, but by putting a GTX 1050ti in your current PC for $150 you'll get the performance of a $550 Xbox One X competitor. Or if you want to really go all out on your upgrade, you could put a GTX 1080 in your current PC for around the previously mentioned price of $550. An upgrade like this would most likely crush the Xbox One X, and I'm under the impression it could even beat whatever the next generation of consoles will be. And of course there's other ways to save money on PC like free online, cheaper games, etc. But if you really want to build a PC from scratch, for about $50 more (With the previously mentioned ways to save money) you'll get similar performance to the X in most games, and when you decide it's time to upgrade you'll probably be crushing any console on the market.

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    The next thing to take into account when comparing consoles and PCs is flexibility. Obviously, the PC can just do more due to it running Windows, but games also have more flexibility. Not only do you have mods, but you can also adjust settings to get the mix of graphics and framerate that's right for you. You make the decisions, not the developers, which is a fantastic aspect of PC gaming. You can also use any controller you want rather than being limited to just 1. Once again there's upgradability, which fits into price, and this category of flexibility. Not only is upgrading cheaper and you have more options, you upgrade when you want rather than basically being forced to upgrade to the next console generation (Unless you want 0 community and 0 new games, that is). Of course eventually you'll have to upgrade just to make modern games playable, but you get the point.

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    Another factor is price, which we covered before, but I wanted to mention the fact that on PC, you can make it any price you want based on your needs. You can build a $300 PC if you're willing to deal with bad performance, it's all up to you, you get to pick whatever price you want. This also goes back to flexibility, it's your decision, not Microsoft or Sony's.

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    I also wanted to cover community. Generally, players of console tend to be young while PC players tend to be more mature. This is most likely due to the fact that just believing a company and buying their product cause they say it's good is easy, whereas figuring out PC is better involves researching. Not to mention educators on PC gaming often have mature content. The age of players can be looked at as a positive or negative. If you're a young person you may not feel comfortable around an older community, and vice versa.

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