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    While a good idea, it’s frustrating to buy any gadget in 2017 that still needs a separate screen protector just to protect from basic use. I’m also annoyed by the scratches my Switch got in the first day or two before I had a case for it to live in.

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    this is for schoooooool!!!

    Better build quality. It’s pretty good as is, but the JoyCons are loose, the screen-cover flexes, and the kickstand falls off if you look at it funny. Plus there are those people with the case notches.

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    Internal storage could be better, but with the ubiquity of microSD cards it shouldn’t be too bad (I’ve only downloaded Stardew Valley thus far).

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    Yeah, it’s important to remember that despite the fact that the Switch is $300, they packed a lot of impressive things into it that make the $300 a tough squeeze. There are obvious things about the hardware that we would love to improve (everything has been mentioned already, but things like better screen, less loose joycons, more internal storage, a better kickstand, etc), but would have driven the price of the Switch outside of that $300 price range. That price range is a pretty important target, and I think Nintendo made most of the right tradeoffs in that regard.

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    However, Bluetooth support is something that sub-$100 Android phones can do, and cloud storage has been around since the mid 2000’s, and neither adds to the base cost of the console, so there is really no excuse for that. Both of these things are extremely frustrating, but if Nintendo has learned anything it is that they can likely sell a "Switch Cloud" version or something with these features and we will buy it because we are stupid haha.

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    Cloud Storage, not being able to have backup game saves online is ridiculous,
    Increase internal storage from 32GB to minimum of 64GB, users shouldn’t be required to use external microSD cards in order to download some games.
    Change the coating of the controllers and system itself to one that is compatible with the adhesive used in skins

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