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    Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Whoa!!!

    If this is your first Xenoblade game, I’d say you should probably skip Skyrim outright, as Xenoblade 2 will likely blow you away and set expectations for exploration that Bethesda games of late have been unable to measure up to.

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    It feels pretty dated at this point. If you’re interested in a western RPG for the role-playing elements, Elder Scrolls is about the best you’ll do, but if you’re looking to explore a beautiful world, you’re better off sticking with Xenoblade, or playing GTAV and Sleeping Dogs.

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    Xbox and PS don’t appeal much to me either, but I see their place in the living room or bedroom – especially for people who want a low-effort entertainment machine (gaming, audio, video content). Actually, I give props to Microsoft for crafting a 499-€ console that also plays 4K BR disks; that price can’t be matched even by a self-built machine. Still not doing it for me, though.

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    Nintendo’s online platform is currently nowhere. And after you’re done playing the games you want on the Switch, what do you do with it, other than play the games again? At least the PS & the Xbox can still be used as media centers in the living room. But then, depending on your view on disposable income and the value of "fun", it might be worth it.

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    Overall, I think Nintendo’s hardware had more value to me before smartphones became a thing. The Gameboy provided the sort of experience that nothing else could provide on the go. Nowadays, I’d rather play those games on a device that I carry all the time, and which can do also a lot of other things. Heck, even on my PC. If Nintendo got more serious about providing fresh content to other software stores, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy their games.

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