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    Good CPU and Motherboard?

    Hey guys.
    So I'm going to build a PC with a budget of 2000$, but I need some help.
    The purpose is gaming and I want it to last at least 3 years with medium graphics.
    I can extend to like 2300$ if needed.
    Anyway, here's my build so far

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    Windows 8
    (Insert cpu here)
    GeForce GTX 980
    Memory 1TB 8GB RAM

    (Insert Motherboard here)

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    CPU: Intel i7 6700k Skylake
    Motherboard: Asus Z170-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard (only works with Intel Skylake CPUs).
    I use both of these for my gaming PC setup ($2100 build budget) and they work incredibly well and reliably while providing blazing fast speeds.

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    I would say go with something even cheaper like a 970 or a second hand 290x then sell it off for near the price you paid once Polaris or Pascal come out. It’s way too late in the release cycle to go flagship unless you can get a really good price on it.
    And agreed on the i5 vs i7. Even with non gaming, the gains aren’t that great and the money saved basically gets you free RAM.
    And get 16gb since RAM isn’t that expensive, and if 1tb is a spinning drive, stop everything and budget for an ssd.
    A 2000 budget is a lot and what you have listed won’t be anywhere near it. That’s 5930k territory.

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    I agree with Stanford cardinalI feel that you should get a second hand GPU if you really want to complete the build right now
    The Polaris/Pascal GPus will be out at the end of year. This kind of Generational jump happens every 3-4 years and you don’t want to miss out on them
    Once they are out,wait for reviews to come in and then buy the newer GPUs

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