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    PS4 or XBOX ONE?

    I honestly think PS4 is better

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    At this point in time, with its absurd dominance in sales and PSVR, the PS4 is probably the better way to go, unless there’s an xbox exclusive you must play. Now when the scorpio is better revealed/for sale, it becomes an entirely different question.

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    At this time in the race, PS4 would be my choice.

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    Both systems have their pros and cons.
    The PS4 is first and foremost a gaming console and as a result can be kind of limited in software functionality. Basically there isn’t much in terms of apps past video streaming services and Spotify. Also the quality of Sony’s online services can be sub-par compared to Microsoft’s. What the PS4 does have is a lightning fast UI, A hardware setup that’s arguably faster than the Xbox One (for the time being), and Integrated social functionality that’s a lot easier to use for sharing and streaming than the competitions implementations.

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    The Xbox one, in its current state, is closer to Valves Steam machines (or the Original Xbox if you prefer) then the PS4 despite being in direct competition with Sony. As a result it tends to feel more like you expect a $400.00 pc to feel, at least in terms of UI. While games them selves run for the most part just as well (if not better in some cases) than the PS4, The UI for the XBOne can be unresponsive, bloated, confusing, and just overall slow (God help you if you dare cold boot it). However, the Xbox One does have is a considerably more advanced online service, Software emulation of Xbox 360 games (if they’re supported), a bigger app store (essentially windows 10’s app store), and if you care about it hdmi pass-through.

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