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    Twitter 10,000 character tweets...

    What are people's thoughts on the rumors of Twitter allowing 10,000 character tweets? I'm not sure I like the idea, seems to undo what makes Twitter great.
    p.s. If we do see extra long tweets, I'm coining the word twart..

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    Oh god please no. Twitter is fun because of how snarky, witty, brilliant you can be with 140 characters to a public audience. 10,000 characters for a message is cool and more than enough – that’s where you can expand to anyway. But to have that length for tweets just sucks, and I’d be pretty bummed out by it.

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    I’d actually love to see how many users (e.g. before the rollout vs after the rollout) still default to 140 characters, or a rough approximation of it. I know that I personally keep my DMs short as a force of habit.

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    Meh, people are still only going to put 140 characters in. The next 9860 characters will be used for hashtags.

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    I could see them keeping the Twitter feed to 140 character tweets… but adding a "More" function… or an embedded long-form content block similar to embedded Twitter cards and quoted-tweets.

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