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    My Revised Thoughts On Alienware

    Alienware, top of the line marketing, bottom of the barrel computers. Some of you may remember that statement from a long time ago, and I'm back to prove it to be more true than ever. You see, when I first posted a thread about my thoughts on Alienware, I actually ended up convincing myself they were good computers, that was a long time ago, and I know a lot more about PC gaming now, so let's get into it, shall we?

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    I'm going to be taking a look at the three main desktops on their website, the Alienware Alpha, the Alienware Aurora, and the Alienware Area-51.

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    Firstly we have the Alpha, the Alpha is a small form factor PC, designed to compete with consoles, which it does, but their best version costs a whopping $1,129.99. That's a HUGE amount of money, for a PC of this price I would expect a GTX 1080, an i7 7700K, and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Here's what it has... We have an i7 6700t, what I assume is a laptop processor, Intel's website recommends selling this for about $310, so it's around the price of the 7700k, but I'm 99.9% sure Alienware is partnered with Intel, so they're probably buying it wholesale or something. As for the graphics, we don't get a 1080, not a 1070, not even a 1060. We get the GTX 960... This costs a tiny $170, and for all we know Alienware's getting that wholesale as well. Hey, at least we get 16GB of RAM though... The only part of this build that begins to make it worth the price is the 256GB M.2 drive, this retails for around $200, which they should've been spending on a GPU rather than faster loading times. Oh, and it's the only storage, so unless you want to pay Alienware even more of your hard earned cash you're gonna be stuck with a puny 256GB of storage, when 1TB is the standard, and in a build priced like this I would expect more than that honestly. So, this thing is an abomination, let's move on, shall we?

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    NOTE: All the estimates I make of what you could build yourself for the price of the Alienware computers is pure estimation, and the parts I mention may cost more or less than what I estimate

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    Next up is the Alienware Aurora, the high-end version of this retails for $1,899.99, nearly $2000!! With a build this price, I'm expecting a 1080ti, and an i7 7820x, leaving us $300-400 for whatever else we want. With that I would get 16GB of RAM, the m.2 SSD mentioned earlier, and a 2-3TB HDD, and I'd probably end up with a similar price. Of course, the Aurora doesn't even begin to have that amount of power though. First up, the Aurora has an i7-7700K, half the price of the CPU I mentioned earlier. And instead of the 1080ti, we get the regular old 1080, which is around $200 less than the 1080ti. For RAM, we have 16GB of DDR4, and for storage, we have the same 256GB m.2 pcle SSD that the Alpha had, and that's it for storage. Another overpriced piece of junk, fantastic.

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