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    Camera up to 1500 $ lens included.

    What camera should I choose for taking pictures of landscapes, sunsets, and time-lapses. The video does not matter, the main thing is the quality of the photo. Size is also not important, important is the price and quality of the images. I first consider Fujifilm X-T20, sony a7, canon 5d mark II.

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    Since you don’t care about video or size, the X-T20 is probably your best bet as a starting place, since you can get it with the pretty-good 18-55/2.8-4 kit lens, and then add a fast prime on top of that (23mm/f2 or 35mm/f2, depending on your favourite focal length).

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    If you care about weather-sealing, want a somewhat more flexible kit lens, cheaper lens offerings, and want a few other niceties like In-Body Image Stabilization (which is great for landscape shooting), a fully articulated screen, and a better EVF, the Panasonic G85 with 12-60mm is another excellent option as the camera bargain of the year. Only 16MP instead of 24MP, though.

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    I would pass on the A7 with your budget, unless you are interested in using exclusively manual focus film lenses, which can be had for cheap. Otherwise, full frame is out of your price range.

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