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    I am looking to buy a budget monitor and really the only thing I need is something that cost under $100(pref under $90), and it has acceptable(average, if possible above average) viewing angles, and contrast. Smallest I'll accept is 16in and it would be nice if it had speakers. Really just using this for a home desktop server with light gaming setup. Where has the best prices? Don't really care if it's new, refurb or open box, just need something to last and work with modern pc. Thank you.

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    Budget monitor suggestions?

    In this range dell and samsung sell some decent 1080p minitors with refresh rate from 1-4ms, and being popular, they can be repaired easily if something goes wrong

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    Check newegg, they have pretty low prices. You can also go to pc partpicker also.

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    Thank you, i will check that out. I take i could possibly find something with better than average viewing angles and contrast at this price? Possibly with speakers?

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    Just look for whatever the cheapest thing with an IPS panel is.
    Speakers are going to kill your choices as 90% of monitors don’t come with them.

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