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    Nintendo software only.

    Could? I guess that is always possible yet unlikely in the near future. Nintendo is changing but it doesn’t sees itself as a service provider but rather as a toy maker. Considering they have a lot of cash to burn, I think it is more likely it will try its luck again with yet another console.

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    Sure they could. It’s pretty crazy that they still haven’t gotten basic things like online down yet.
    They need to start making games for mobile and PC. The concept of a dedicated piece of hardware that only plays certain games is so ridiculously outdated. I am not going to buy another Nintendo console. I already bought a Wii U and I don’t even touch it anymore.

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    Nintendo needs to realize that their expertise is IPs and games, not hardware. Why should I buy a dedicated portable system that is complete crap in every way compared to an iPhone or android? Bad screen quality, bad specs, bad everything. They should start developing mobile games and start building controller case things for iPhones to give them physical buttons.

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    Phone software changes too quickly, as does hardware. Nintendo can’t make the experiences it creates with hardware that changes so much and so quickly. Same could be said about PC hardware, to an extent, but piracy is the biggest threat there.

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